Advanced Audio, low impact - high performances

AASER – Audio Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

The sound only where you need, constant polar pattern for all the frequencies. More than 20 years of research for the “absolute solution”, all the audio reproduction problems destroyed forever. In patent pending state, the AASER system will be soon on the market to replace the normal loudspeakers in the large part of audio applications. Think to a live concert where you use suspended loudspeakers that reproduce all the audio frequency only where are required, reducing noise pollution, the required power and with a constant sound pressure at all distances and for every frequencies. And this is just the beginning…

RSS - Reverberation Suppressor System

RSS is an innovative system that suppresses the reverberation in critical applications...

Churches audio system, churches sound amplification, churches sound systems .


Advanced Audio Processors, Compact Array Speakers, Audio Equipments

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RSS System

Reverb Suppressor System, innovative solution for hear clearly and comfortably

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Tune Array

Ultra slim digital line array system, for specific application

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